Project Ideas for Science and Concept Maps

Choose solved examples from the books given below to participate and contribute to the Science and Concept Map Projects.

Creating Concept Maps using Freeplane: 

  1. NCERT Science textbooks  for Classes I to XII.

Mathematical Applications Project using GeoGebra: 

  1. NCERT Mathematics textbooks  for Classes Classes I to XII.
  2. Introduction to Real Analysis by Robert G Bartle and Donald R Sherbert
  3. Linear Algebra by Shephen H Friedberg and Arnold J Insel

3D Modeling of Chemical Structures using Jmol:

  1. NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Classes I to XII.
  2. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY by Claden, Greeves, Warren and Wother
  3. Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds by Ernest L.Eliel and Samuel H.Wilen

If you are interested in creating content for any of the above projects, kindly inform us through the proposal form available here