Science and Concept Maps in Progress

Work is in progress for the following Science and Concept Map
NoScience and Concept Map ProjectContributor NameInstituteYear
9Chemical KineticsShriya Shailesh MhatreSophia College Of Women, Mumbai University2022
8Kinetics Of Oxygen Binding To Haemoglobin Using Freeplane SoftwareRicha HalderIndian Institute Of Science Education And Research Kolkata2022
7Heat Transfer Through Heat ExchangerAnand P SNss College Of Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala2022
6Determine Percent Composition Of Alcohol In An Unknown SolutionRani PvIit-B2022
5L'Hopital Rule for Evaluating LimitsGundarapu Narsimha ReddySiddhartha Institute of Technology and Sciences, Hyderabad2023
4Concept Map for Properties of Electrons and its Duality natureDr P LakshminarayananKalasalingam Academy of Research and Education2023
3Explaining the Inorganic and Organic Reactions Using the HSAB Theory – Concept Mind Map by Free Plane and JmolNarayanan SelvapalamKalasalingam Academy of Research and Education2023
2Comparison of Normal Human Deoxyhemoglobin and Sickle Deoxyhemoglobin using UCSF ChimeraJoshri Smriti GStella Maris College2023
1Constructing the Inner and Outer Soddy Circles using GeoGebraPuja SolaiappanNational Institute of Technology Rourkela2023