SOUL (Science OpensoUrce Software for Teaching Learning) is an attempt to put together the much used and popular ICT software used as teaching/learning tools by the community of educators and the learners in basic concept as well as advanced learning of Science subjects. These software can be used as ICT tools in classroom teaching and learning for topics in science subjects.

Learners can learn the software using the resources available for each of these software on our website. They can create a project on a particular topic using the available software.

This website can be used as a platform by teachers as well as students to showcase the projects completed using the software promoted on this page. These projects will be available as resource material for all the interested educators and learners.

The software available for teaching and learning
  • ChemCollective Virtual Lab
  • Jmol Application
  • Avogadro
  • Freeplane
  • GeoGebra